DIY Essential Oil Air Freshener

Everyone loves coming home to a clean home. Coming home to a clean home that smells good is even better! It does something for the psyche. Relaxing scents can really help a bad mood, or calm anxiety. It’s like aromatherapy for the soul. I love anything that smells good; candles, the plugins that go in the wall, perfumes, anything that calms me. I was recently speaking with a friend of mine who told me that she uses essential oils like lavender and sandalwood to make her home smell good.

I had heard about essential oils and was curious on how to use it in the home. So, I fired up my trusty computer and googled essential oils. What I learned was pretty informative. Essential oils are basically oils that come from plants. It comes in liquid form, or can be added to lotions and body washes. In its pure form, it can be harmful if ingested, or cause rashes if added directly to skin, but diluted its perfectly fine. You can purchase essential oils from just about anywhere, but you want to beware of the added chemicals that are added to some brands. After much research on the different kinds of essential oils, I decided to go with lavender. Lavender is really good for stress relief and calming emotions. My home is my sanctuary, so I wanted a tranquil and calming atmosphere.  I decided to use the oil to create an air freshener of sorts to spray in my home.

To make my Lavender Essential oil air freshener, I filled a spray bottle with one cup of water and eight drops of lavender oil. I then shook it up to mix the ingredients and voila; lavender essential oil air freshener.  I sprayed that all around my home and I instantly felt calmer. It’s a really good air freshener and whenever I need to calm down, or a pop of freshness, I spray it. It smells good and it was relatively easy to make.  There are tons of essential oils out there that you can do this with, so don’t be afraid to experiment to find the best scent for you.