Top 5 essential oils that affect mood

So get this: It’s Monday, and I’m having a bad day. It seems like everything that could go wrong went wrong today. The kids were late for school, I was late for one client, which essentially made me late for every other client after that, my car got a flat on my way home, and I had to pay extra money to get a brand new tire. Oh no, not a fix a flat, or even a patch, a brand… new… tire! I was so annoyed with the day and stressed out and I found myself wishing that it was tomorrow so I no longer have to deal with the stress that was this day. I finally get home, and I search for my diffuser so that I can properly de-stress myself. I look in my medicine cabinet to search for one of my favorite essential oils. Staring at me amongst the various knick knacks in my cabinet were my essential oils. At this point, I had a big decision to make: How bad did I want to relax, and what scent did I want my room to smell like? Whenever I am stressed, there are five scents I always can count on and they are lavender, frankincense, peppermint, sandalwood, and rosemary. These five essential oils have amazing qualities that I am going to describe below.

1.) Lavender

This has to be my absolute favorite scent. It can be used in various ways, and combined with other essential oils, thus making it versatile. Lavender also has many calming properties which helps with easing depression and anxiety. It also helps with feelings of overwhelm and induces sleep.

2.) Frankincense

I’ll be the first to admit, I read about frankincense in the Bible and I didnt really know what it was until I started looking into the benefits of essential oils and this one found its way into my arsenal of mood shifting scents. The reason for that is because frankincense promotes relaxation which in turn helps with tension and stress. Just like lavender, it also helps with depression as well as helps to deepen and slow down breathing, if you are thinking meditation you are absolutely right. This is a wonderful scent to smell when meditation because it helps with breathing.

3.) Peppermint

I cannot say enough wonderful things about peppermint. Anything with this scent makes me happy. Peppermint has properties that help calm the nerves, as well as helps you to clear your mind while improving cognitive performance. It also boosts energy as well as helps soothe digestive issues.

4.) Sandalwood

Where do I even begin with this wonderful mood changer? There are many benefits to sandalwood. Just like the others, it helps calm nerves, reduce tension, and uplift mood. It also helps with sleep. Counting sheep isn’t necessary with this essential oil. Did I mention it has properties that helps it act as an aphrodisiac? Honestly, it’s something about the smell that seriously uplifts me everytime I smell it. I cannot get enough of it.

5.) Rosemary

My wild card. This scent is amazing!!! Not only does Rosemary relieve fatigue, it also promotes consentration, and boost memory. Rosemary also has anti-depressant like effects. Its virtually impossible to be depressed and smell rosemary. It’s just not possible.

I was tired and just wanted to gewt away from the troubles of the day, so I decided to go with lavender because it helps induce sleep. I went to the diffuser dropped my lavender essential oils in there, said a quick prayer and drifted off to sleep.

What are your favorite mood inducing essential oils? Comment below and let’s talk about it.